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Made pancakes (I mean crepes, not American pancakes, of course) last night. I love pancake day. We don't have any scales or even much in the way of measuring jugs, so we just mixed up flour and milk and eggs in a huge glass bowl until it looked about right and then went for it. And they came out perfectly! By the fourth or fifth I'd even got the hang of flipping them without having them land in a soggy unfixable mess, hahah. I should make pancakes more often, they are delicious.

Now it's Lent; I wonder if I should give something up. I'm not any sort of practising Christian anymore, but I still like the idea of it sort of, just for the sake of it, abstaining from something for forty days and then you really appreciate it when the time's up and you can indulge in it again. I don't know what I'd give up, though.


Not a great day today. Pain levels are kind of through the roof, even sitting at my computer chair is difficult, so I've spent most of the day lying on the couch with the laptop watching Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes. I'm not really usually an anime person, and I've been sort of weirded out by this series because it seemed somhow too similar to Rose of Versailles, which I loved so damn much, but... I am actually liking it. Weird cryptic symbolism, girlslash, songs featuring roses and ammonites, what's not to like? Anyway at least it's taking my mind off the fact that my spine hates me.
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