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all the lights of midnight

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lights at night over the sea
and you're shining like the brightest star
a transmission on the midnight radio

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[female/early thirties/uk/geek/introspective/bad at describing herself/reads a lot/doesn't write enough]

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all the lights of midnight, anti-racism, autumnsong, azeroth, being left alone, body acceptance, books, bookshops, cats, cherry blossom trees, crossdressing shoujo heroines, disability rights, dreamwidth, escapism, everyone dreams the dream, feminism, four quartets, grass snakes, grey skies, intersectionality, kittehs, la corona and the tin frog, lizards, lolcats, m. c. escher, magical realism, making stuff, mark z danielewski, median, midcontinuum, milk snakes, mindfuck fiction, monorail cat, not everything being deeply significant, obsessive journalling, only revolutions, paper journals, rain, rock doves, seaglass, seahorses, sealife, snakes, t. s. eliot, the sea, the world inside my head, things and stuff, what is this i don't even, winter flowers, writing, you're all invited to bite me
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