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1. Hello again, Dreamwidth!

So yes, I just sort of missed this site, really. As journalling/social sites go, it really is one of the best out there, I think. Not that I don't like Tumblr & all, and it definitely has some features that DW doesn't offer, but, uh. Also, I met some pretty awesome people here. So.

2. Right now I am at my parents' house; I am house-and-cat-sitting while they're away. I have decided to officially consider this a holiday and pretend it's a house swap or a holiday cottage - I'm in different surroundings, right, so it counts. Oddly enough, it is sort of working; I have that sort of laid-back, time-out-from-real-life holiday feeling. It's nice.

3. Also my parents were kind enough to leave me a fridge full of pasta, salmon and wine. Mmmm, my three favourite things.

4. I will miss my own computer though. Weird how attached I get to a machine that is set up MY way and has MY stuff on it.

5. I need icons. You know, that's one thing other sites (apart from other LJ clones, of course) don't really have. Icons. I like them.


midnightlights: Star-shaped fairy lights in tree branches (Default)
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