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Today is one of those days when I basically hate everything in the world. So… that’s nice. More or less everything today just seemed designed to remind me how sucky the world can be and how vile humans can be when they try (or even when they don’t try very hard) and how the way our world currently works is just really kind of awful, and… I don’t even want to go into details because bleh and trigger and fail. But I really need to think of something to make me feel better. Maybe I’ll go clear out my room and lie on my bed and read or sew and ignore everything else ever for a while, maybe. Also drink wine.

(On the bright side I did see an incredibly cute kitten today.)

[Edit: Nope, apparently I am going to work this evening instead! YAY. But at least there will be money.]
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Wow, I am failing a bit at actually updating, aren't I. Of course, that could partly be because I have some kind of evil cold/throat-infection/whatever thing, and the last few days have consisted mostly of 'felt crappy, lay on the couch reading books and watching Utena" and who wants to read about that? It was boring enough for me, I don't see why I should inflict a blow-by-blow description on the internet too. (Although Utena is pretty good so far! It's starting to get into proper "wait, what the hell, this is so weird" territory now, which I always appreciate.)

Throat hurts. Time to pour some more honey and lemon down it.


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